Video transcription

Let's talk about cats that don't shed. There are lots of different types of breeds out there of course with cats. The types of cats the typically do not shed are the cats like the Sphinx and other types of hairless cats. Rex types of cats like the Devon Rex for instance have very very course hair, they do shed but probably less so than other ones. Shedding can be a problem for a lot of people. They can be allergic to the hair. They can also, it can also cause a lot of hair balls in their cats. Matting and that sort of thing. And so these are types of cats that don't shed as much or at all. Check and and talk to your clinic if you're, if you're interested in one of those types of cats, they can help you. Those types of cats are typically pure-breed’s and you're not you're not going to obviously rescue or adopt one of those things. They're generally going to be through breeders only and so you can, you can check with the Breeding Associations and online to see if you can find a reputable breeder, and hook you up with a situation like that.