How to Make Horse Jumps

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Pete Lichau, head trainer at Rose Gate Farm, and today I want to talk to you about how to make a set of horse jumps. The materials needed for this video are: two eight-foot 2x6's, twelve 1"x3/4" lag bolts, one eight-foot 4x4, four 8'x3" PVC pipes, and eight concrete anchor bolts. We're going to build a set of adjustable three foot jump standards. First we'll take our eight-foot 4x4 and we'll cut it in half. We'll take our 2x6 and cut it into two foot sections. We'll dovetail the ends of those. Next, we'll drill holes in our 2x6's for our bolts. Next we'll bolt the 2x6's onto the bottom of the 4x4's. After that, we'll drill holes in our 4x4's for our anchor bolts at two foot, two foot six, and three foot. Finally we'll lay the PVC pipe across those anchor bolts, and we have a set of three foot adjustable jump standards. I'm Pete Lichau with Rose Gate Farm, and that's how I build my jump standards.

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