Video transcription

Hi I am Noah, and I am going to show you how to print your address book. This is actually surprisingly easy to do and it does not require any third party software or anything like that to make it appear nicely on the printing page. First open your address book through Outlook or if you want to open it directly go to start and then run, and then type in w a b which stands for Windows Address Book. Then just hit ok and your address book will open. Now we can either select specifically which entries we want to print out by holding down the control key for example and selecting several entries or just holding down the shift key and selecting all entries between two points we click on. Then simply go to file, and then print. Here we will have lots of options, for example to either print the entries we selected or the whole entire address book. And then also what kind of style we would like to print it in, this can be either memo, business card or phone list. Then we can also select the number of copies we want to make. Once we are satisfied with the options and we have selected the right entries or selected that we want to print out the whole address book simply click print and your address book will print out nicely.