Video transcription

Hi, I'm Noah and I'm going to show you how to block pop-ups. Pop-ups are windows that open by themselves when you're browsing the Internet, often to advertise for something. They can really be quite a nuisance to your browsing experience because they'll divert you from the window you're looking at and often just slow down your computer and you might actually end up clicking, on accident, on things that that are for purchase that you're not interested in. Usually, downloading the latest version of your browser will keep you pretty much safe from the pop-up tabs. For example, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox has a pop-up blocker that's already integrated when you download it as well as the latest version of Internet Explorer. So if you're using an old version of one of these, simply update to a newer version. Finally, if that's not enough, there are lots of different kinds of add-ons which can also help you block pop-ups such as Google's tool bar which works for either Internet Explorer or Firefox.