Video transcription

Okay, to hook up another Direct TV receiver to the satellite dish, the LNB must be removed from the dish, then you can connect another coaxial cable there. There are four outputs on one of these LNBs, for four televisions. Now you can add more than four televisions but you would need what's called the multi-switch. All you need to do is install another cable onto one of these outputs from the LNB and if you have a cable crimping equipment, you can do that on your own. Run the cable to another receiver, wherever you place it inside your house connected to the television set, download new software and a new program guide. Also call Direct TV and give them the receiver ID number and the access card number from the receiver and they, you'll also give them your phone number which is your account number and they can go ahead and activate that receiver for you. You'll then get a bill on your next statement for an extra five dollars which would cover the additional outlet fee for that receiver. But that's pretty easy to do; of course the dish remains stationary on the house while you're doing this. So just don't, make sure you don't knock that or remove it because that'll put all out of alignment and this can easily come out of the arm of the dish. You can connect the wire through the arm, connected to the LNB, insert the dish, the LNB back onto the dish and then reconnect it, reconnect it with screws and you're all set. Very simple to add a, a second, third or fourth receiver to your, to your system.