Hi, my name is Lorra, I'm with Wee Bee Cleaners out of Park City, Utah and today I'm going to teach you how to clean tiles in the shower. The materials that you're going to need, I like to use an actual tub and tile cleaner, it just does the work for you. You'll need a couple of rags, I like to have a scrubby available as well, my gloves for protection and glasses for eye wear protection. Also I like to have a bucket, in case I want to splash the water on the shower, so let's get started. First what I'm going to do is, I like to just moisten the tile with a little bit of water. You can spray the chemicals directly on, but I find sometimes that's damaging. So I like to just make it a little bit wet and then spray. What's nice about these chemicals, is they do the work for you. If you have a really tough situation, you might need to use your scrubby. Let's say, there's a lot of shampoo or conditioner stuck on the tile. You can just give it a scrub, you see that's coming right off. Then I rinse it, sometimes I'll take my bucket and I'll just pour and rinse it this way. Then I'll take a dry towel and I'll dry. And that is how you clean tiles in the bathroom.