Hi this is Lauden Vergara, and I am with ABC Bartending Schools here in Miami, Florida. In this clip we are going to show you how to make a prickly pear margarita. Well what is a margarita? Basically it is a Mexican drink made with tequila, triple sec, and sour mix. Triple sec, what is that? Well it is an orange flavored liqueur. Not very high in alcohol, but it gives it a really good flavor for your margaritas. And sour mix is basically a very concentrated lemon lime that gives it a nice froth over the top. You know when you see your margaritas they are shaken really good, see that little bit of foam over the top caused by this. Now we are going to start off with a tin filled with ice, we are going to use some Patron. Patron is a very popular tequila that is going on out there. It is one of my favorites to be honest with you. Very light in flavor, it doesn't give you that strong after taste. About four seconds in there, then you'll use some triple sec that orange flavored liqueur I was talking to you about. Give it about two seconds. And grab some sour mix, we're going to put some sour mix in it to give it a nice bit of frosty thing. Well you are going to need some pickled pear juice. It is a syrup that comes ready for it. You want a nice squirt in there, and even if you want to you can add some pear juice just to give it a little bit of extra zing to it, that pear flavor. Put a little pear in there, and you want to go ahead and give it a good shake. Very good shake, because you remember the sour mix takes a little bit to get all mixed in. You want to make sure you have no excess water in your glass, and pour it in there. Now to make it a prickled pear margarita you are going to add some grapefruit juice. I've got some grapefruit down here, and we have some ruby red grapefruit juice. And I have a prickled pear already cut up there for you. I'm going to go ahead and see what that looks like. That is a complete different variation of what a regular margarita is. It is very flavorful, but thank you for watching. This is Lauden.