How to Clean Marble Worktops

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Marble worktops are found in many kitchens, as they create an extra workspace to cut vegetables, mix baking ingredients and prepare other foods. Since the kitchen is a messy area of the home, and many ingredients are mixed on this worktop, it is important to clean the surface regularly. The problem is, strong chemically based cleaning products that are used on other areas of the kitchen cannot be used on this marble surface, as they will cause damage and discolouration.

Run enough warm tap water over a sponge to saturate it, and pour three drops of liquid dish soap onto the cloth.

Wring out the cloth, and wipe over the marble worktop. This mild soap is safe for the marble and will remove food particles, grease and other residue left behind after using the worktop.

Rinse out the cloth with fresh water, and wring out once more.

Wipe down the countertop with this damp cloth to remove any dish soap left behind.

Rub a dish towel over the worktop to collect any remaining moisture. This will prevent water spots or streaks from drying on the marble worktop.

Pour baking soda into a dish, adding enough to cover any stained area on your marble worktop.

Stir in a few drops of warm water at a time, continuing until you have a paste the consistency of peanut butter.

Spread a layer of paste 1/4-inch thick over the stain. Let this paste sit until it is completely dry. The baking soda paste will pull the stain out of the marble.

Saturate a cloth with hot water, and wipe over the dried paste until all has been removed. If any stain remains on the marble worktop, repeat this stain removal procedure.

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