Nordic Ware Microwave Toasted Sandwich Grill Instructions

Sean Murphy/Photodisc/Getty Images

Toasted sandwiches add a kick to a boring lunchtime. The same deli meats or cheese and tomato sandwiches you eat every day get transformed through toasting into a mixture of hot, melty cheese and moist cuts of meat and vegetables.

The Nordic Ware microwave grill plate, designed for cooking bacon and other meats, makes microwave toasted sandwiches easy. Toasting the bread creates the crisp texture, while the microwave heats the sandwich ingredients faster and more uniformly than pan toasting.

Toast the bread. Prepare your sandwich toppings.

Place the toast on the Nordic Ware microwave grill plate.

Pile your sandwich ingredients on one of the toast slices, keeping everything stacked neatly. Top the ingredients with the second slice of toast.

Place the grill plate in the microwave. Heat it for 30 seconds. Check the temperature of your sandwich. If the ingredients are hot and your cheese has melted, you're finished. If not, give the sandwich 15 to 30 more seconds. The time depends on your microwave's power level.