How to Delete Cookies & Clean Your Computer

Video transcription

If your computer is running slow, one of the problems could be that your hard drive is filling up. Hi, I'm Charles Stewart Jr, and I'm going to teach you how to delete your cookies and clean up your computer. One of the easiest things to do is delete cookies. And what cookies are, they're little pieces of information that are stored in your computer so when you go to a website, that website knows that you've visited it before, and it like helps keep track of you as an individual, so they can tailor ads or you know specific sayings you set up on your computer, which is great if they're sites that you go to a lot, but if you just go to a site once, it'll store that information and over a couple years or even over six months of not deleting cookies, you'll build up a lot of information and that starts to hog space on your computer. And one of the big things with your computer is if you have a hard drive, as it starts to fill up, your computer takes longer to find things, so that slows down your computer. So to delete cookies is fairly easy. If you're running Internet Explorer, you just go up to tools, and then go to Internet Options, and then right on the front page there's a button that says delete cookies. And you'll just go over here, delete cookies, and it says delete all cookies in a temporary internet folder, and you hit okay. And then that's it for the cookies part of it The next thing you want to do is clean up, as your computer starts to, over time, it'll in other areas, start accumulating data that you don't need anymore. So you'll want to go to the - hit the start button and go to my all programs, and then go to accessories, and then you're going to look at system tools, and you'll see something that says disk cleanup. You'll want to click on that, and sometimes it'll take a couple minutes as it's scanning your hard drive for information. Depending on how full your hard drive, it could take fifteen minutes or longer. Since I don't really have a lot on here, it did it fairly quick. Now that it's showing you that I've got this much in temporary internet files and how much is in my recycle bin. And it's basically letting you know these are files that you can get rid of to clean up your computer, and then you just hit okay, and it'll ask you are you sure you want to do this and you say yes. And then it's going to go through and delete all those files and then that'll help clean up some of the stuff that you don't need anymore. And then another thing to do is just go through it yourself and look through the computer and find files or folders or things you've downloaded that you might not need anymore and delete those. And if you do enough of that, you should start to notice you should start to notice an increase in performance on your computer. And another great thing to do is just add more RAM 'cause that could speed up your computer as well. And that's how to delete cookies and clean up your computer.

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