Hi this is Deborah Quinn with Pastry Swan Bakery in Palm Desert, California, today we are going to show you how to make some castle cakes. Okay so we are we are going to start doing are castle cake what I need is a little more room on the board so the cake that we have actually set up with butter cream I am going to transport it over to the board. Going to back stack it is what we call so that we have a front area that has a little more space. What we have today is we have a castle that is made out of fondant but this is a a mold that is actually just purchased this way. There is a lot of fun things that you can do with molds and castles as far as prints, you can buy this type of stuff that will actually mold the fondant to get your side areas of the castle. Little tiny things like this you can basically use sticks anything that you want to mold the castle pieces around. So this is what we call a purchased fondant mold already. So I am going to go ahead a place that right on the butter cream itself, and we are going to pipe some frosting around the base. What I want to do is basically give it a kind of a sand look, so we are going to just. Something for, for the sand to stick on. What we are using for sand today is some graham crackers. Graham cracker crumbs I should say, and I am going to basically just go around the base fill it with our sand. Now what I what I am going to do is I am going to make a little stairs out of some fondant. I am going to first cut both side edges to give me a straight base. So I have got a thickness of about an inch and a half. Going to cut the base straight across which is going to be on the board itself. So it is basically I am put that up and just measure it about as high as your cake is going to go in this case we are about five inches across. So what I am going to do is I am going to switch to a little bit of a smaller paring knife there, got my square stairs and I am going to basically cut in, about an inch down. And I am going to do that all the way across to the till I get to the bottom. So what I am going to do here is we are going to, a little bit of water as our glue, anywhere that I want that to stick I am going to put a little bit of water there. And we are going to go towards the, towards the side of the castle, and then tilt your stairs a bit. Another mold that we have today that is really fun is this is the seashell molds, you want to just press it in, and it will pop out very easily. So I am simply just going to place these shells around the cake on the base, on the sides. Simply have a round hole tip there that I am just going to butter cream ice some etching on here, and what I am going to do is just basically swirls all over, back and forth different ways. What I am going to do now is we are going to take it to the airbrush and we are going to iridescent it for a nice pearl look. So I am going to start first by pearling the shells on here, give it a beautiful look. And that is how we make castle cakes this is Deborah Quinn Pastry Swan Bakery in Palm Desert, California.