Video transcription

Hi I am Drew Fendy, master home inspector. I have been inspecting for over 24 years. Today we are going to describe how to install an electrical receptacle. One choice you need to make when you are planning is whether you are going to have a 20-amp circuit or 15-amp circuit. If it is going into a kitchen it has got to be a 20-amp circuit because you have a lot of heavy current devices there. In other locations it depends on what you are going to use it for. Anything it draws a lot of power you are going to want 20-amp for it. Usually something reproduces heat you are going to want the 20-amp for like a toaster, oven or microwave that’s what you have in your kitchen. If you are going to have an air-conditioner you would want 20-amp. If you are going to have just a radio or a lamp then the 15-amp would be more than sufficient. So look it what you are going to be using it for and then you can decide if it is a 20-amp or 15-amp that will be going for. The difference between a 15-amp and a 20-amp receptacle can be seen just on the face plate , the slot on the side represents a 20-amp but this is a 15-amp receptacle. The inner amps of the 20-amp will be more heavy duty rated for 20-amp, whereas these are rated for 15-amp. So make sure that you use the right size receptacle for the wire that you are using.