Video transcription

My name is Jean Hurley from Siegels Day Spa in Cottonwood, Arizona, and we’re here today to show you some sports massage techniques. We’re in the stretching phases of our massage, so this will be getting ready for an event, keeping oxygen and blood flow going, lengthening and strengthening muscles. I use a technique called PNF. For those abs, I want to apply pressure as I’ve stretching into the muscle slightly. I’m going to have you do a sit up, just a sort of crunch using 20% of your muscle. Your hands will slide through the muscle. I’m going to have you relax. Just gives it a pressure point and a stretch point. Again, using 40%, sliding stretching through the ab and relax. Give him a nice rub up into the sternum here and stretch. Again, using 60%. And relax. Again, you’re just going to stretch up into the sternum so we don’t cause any cramping and check into the obliques.