Video transcription

Hello, I'm Melissa Schenk on behalf of Expert Village. Today we're discussing Facebook and how to use some of its features and useful applications. In this segment let's talk about inbox. Now, back on the profile page if you want to go to your inbox, your inbox is much like your email that you would have through your personal email except it's through Facebook. So at the top of the screen you'll click on inbox and this is going to give you a list of people that have sent you messages to your inbox. On the left hand side if you wanted to delete any of these messages, you would click on the box and hit delete of course and you can even click on at the top it says inbox, sent messages and notifications. The notifications of course, is the box that you would click on to see any notifications that people have written you back. Lastly the most important is to compose a message, if you wanted to compose a message you would click that box. Once you had a chance to use the inbox and perhaps send your friends a few notes, the next clip we're going to discuss the applications and how you add some of these applications to your Facebook profile.