Video transcription

Hi, I'm Deserie with HerbalWise in St. Petersburg, Florida. Today, we're going to talk about home remedies for dogs with ear mites. Remember to consult a qualified vet whenever starting a new regime for something that affects your pet's health. If your dog is rubbing and itching and has a thick, black substance in their ears, they've got ear mites. Garlic oil is one of the oldest medicinal treatments and has many medicinal properties. Garlic oil works very well for ear mites in dogs. So, I'm going to show you how easy it is to create garlic oil today. Create very thin slices of the garlic and then you're going to need to chose one of four preparation methods for your oil. The first one is a solar infusion. So you would take your slices of garlic and cover them with olive oil. Olive oil is another ingredient that is used very widely by herbalists. It's preferred because it's food and it's nutritious. So, using the solar infusion method, you would seal this and store it for two to four weeks. Once it's done, you would strain it and it would be ready for use For the oven extraction method, you repeat the same steps of slicing the garlic very thinly and pouring the oil over top of the garlic in a tight fitting pan, a pan with a tight fitting lid, and put it in your oven at the very lowest setting for two to three hours. And you want to keep an eye on it because you don't want the garlic and the oil to boil, so you need to keep it below boiling. Another method is the double boiler. Same thing again, you add your thinly sliced garlic, you pour your oil over it, this time you put it in the double boiler which is over a pot of boiling water for 40 minutes. Lastly, the last method is the crock pot method. Same thing again, only this time two to six hours and that you also want to put it on the lowest setting and keep an eye on it to make sure that the oil does not begin to boil. Now that your oil is ready, you want to strain off the garlic and store it in a glass jar, a dropper bottle if you have it, to administer to your pet. You want to put two drops in each ear, at least twice a day. The oil should be warm but not hot. That's for treating the ear mites. And as a preventative measure, if your dog is prone to getting ear mites, you can try putting a couple of drops of the warm oil in their ears once or twice a month and that should help your ear mite problem. Thank you. I'm Deserie with HerbalWise and that is homemade remedies for treating ear mites in dogs.