10 Hottest female football fans in the history of the World Cup

Throughout the history of the World Cup, thousands of snapshots illustrate how the game's changed. While it remains a predominantly male sport, as its popularity's spread, women started building a growing part of the audience. Not only that, their presence at the stadiums have embellished the football landscape in ways only they could. They've taken over the stands to stage a competition of their own: beautiful women have a chance at worldwide fame by wearing their national team's colours. We've chosen the 10 hottest female football fans of recent times, so read on to take your pick!

Sarah Brandner

This stunning German model didn't need much more than her gorgeous face to become a football celebrity. Even wearing a rather loose t-shirt, photographers were captivated by her looks. Her best known pictures feature her carrying two big glasses of beer absentmindedly through the crowd. Don't get greedy, though, she's the wife of none other than the star midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, who plays for Bayern Munich. That didn't stop Sports Illustrated from doing a whole nude photoshoot with her in 2010, though.


Dora Noemí, the 39 year old Argentinian singer, model, actress and TV hostess goes by the name of Dorismar. She first appeared on the tribune in South Africa in 2010, and cheered for her team wearing a tiny sized version of the national shirt, and very, very tight jeans. It didn't take much more to make her one of the hottest football fans in the tribune: her natural beauty did the rest.

Sylvie van der Vaart

A Dutch lingerie model and TV hostess, Sylvie got famous by cheering for her husband, Rafael van der Vaart, at every game he played. Even if the couple is no longer together, Sylvie is still well remembered by Dutch fans for her presence on the tribunes.

Larissa Riquelme

Popularly known as the "World Cup Bride," this Paraguayan model acquierd worldwide fame in the last edition of the tournament, in South Africa. She'd take to the first row of the stands at every match of her national team, and with her phone comfortably cradled between her breasts, she'd rob the photographers' and cameramens' attention at every turn of the game. Since then, Larissa's turned into a South American TV star, participating, among others, in the Argentine TV Show "Dancing for a Dream."

Sara Luengo

This Spanish stripper started her professional career with barely 18 years of age and has captivated men, football fans or not, since then. She joined her two greatest passions to jump to worldwide fame when she appeared in a live news transmission from the Plaza de Cibeles. She was celebrating her country's victory in the last World Cup while topless with the red and yellow flag painted across her breasts.

Patty Orué

Another young Paraguayan fan started cheering for her home team along with Larissa Riquelme shortly after South Africa 2010. Her blonde hair and her stunning features managed to capture the whole attention of the Latin American media, showing how well Paraguayan fans can cheer.

Natalia Siwiec

This polish model cheered her team during the whole UEFA European Championship. At barely 24 years of age, Natalia was named the "European Championship Girlfriend 2012." Her stunning looks and charisma earned her the sympathy of football fans and the cameras in no time.

Bobbi Eden

Another Dutch hottie, Bobbi Eden is known to men around the world for starring in pornographic films. She dared the national team to win the last world cup. If they did, she'd show her appreciation by giving each of them a sample of her professional abilities.

Asian beauty

This Guangzhou Evergrande fan was featured in the pictures of the match that pitted her team against Real Madrid. She seems to have studied Larissa Riquelme's moves, she too wore a cellphone in her very pronounced cleavage. Either that or she was expecting a very important call. We didn't really catch her name, and it seems no Western news outlet did either.

Cárol Mendez

Paraguay seems to be the biggest producer of hot football fans. Cárol Mendez' looks were first recorded by TV cameras in the match between Argentina and Paraguay for this World Cup's qualifiers. And she didn't only captivate the football viewing audience, but also the jury of Miss Expo 2013, the biggest beauty pageant in Paraguay.

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