14 Things you should never say to a woman

Whether it’s by insulting our intellect, appearance or personality – there are very many things you should never say to a woman. Here are a few classics.

\#14 “Pop the football on, would you?”

Television time can be difficult, but the reality is that the majority of women do not like football. Sorry, it’s a known and proven fact.

\#13 “I respect you for your mind.”

Directly translates as “you are not attractive."

\#12 “How old ARE you?”

A woman’s age is a tricky topic, no matter how old she is. Probably best not to ask. In fact, don’t even comment on it just in case.

\#11 “I think we should have an open relationship.”

No woman wants to share her man. Fact.

\#10 “How many guys have you slept with?”

Though it’s technically not the worst thing that could be said to a woman, whether the number is high or low, we mostly never really want you to know.

\#9 “You’re jealous of her, aren’t you?”

Probably, but you don’t need to say it out loud.

\#8 “I’m going out tonight with the lads.”

And up flash the images of you wasted, screaming along to bad music and dancing with strange women in a club.

\#7 “So, who’s your friend?”

Even if we were interested in you or not, just ask her yourself.

\#6 “What did you do to your hair?”

Hair is a big thing for women. Never, ever should a man comment. Whether we like what the hairdresser friend, or we did, politeness or silence on the subject is necessary.

\#5 “I think we should go on a break”

Made infamous by Ross and Rachael in Friends, this phrase will never be a popular.

\#4 “You’re going to end up alone.”

Even if we have a really convincing brave face, no woman ever wants to hear that they’re going to end up alone. Blame fairy tales.

\#3 “How far along are you?”

Never, ever should you assume that a woman is pregnant. Doesn’t matter if she is or not. Unless you know for a fact that she is, it’s better to refrain from commenting, whether you are a man or a woman.

\#2 “I still want to be your friend”

When you break up with someone, more often than not it is on pretty poor terms. Saying “I still want to be your friend” could quite possibly be the most annoying thing you ever say to a woman after a break-up. Depending of course, on how bad the break-up was.

\#1 “Are you sure you want to eat that?”

Boyfriend, date, or even friend – it is far safer to just not comment on what we are eating. Keep your comments to yourselves.

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