How to Find a Reverse Email Search

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A reverse e-mail search is a way to find out who owns a particular e-mail address. Instead of entering a person's name and searching for their e-mail address, a reverse search works by entering the person's e-mail address and searching for information about the owner.

There are many sites online that offer paid reverse e-mail searches, and there are also a few ways to do it for free.

Go to and click on the "Email" tab to select a reverse e-mail search. Enter a full e-mail address into the search box. Click the "Search" button. The site will retrieve basic profile information for the email address, as well as photos, videos, blogs and other updates about the person who owns the email address.

Go to and click on "Email." Enter an e-mail address in the box and click the "Search" button. Pipl will display personal web profiles and other web pages pertaining to the email address entered.

Go to and enter an e-mail address in the box under the words "Find out who owns that e-mail address." Click the "Search" button to find out. Scroll down to the "Additional Results" section to view the email owner's MySpace, Friendster, Yahoo, Google, Bebo and other links pertaining to the email owner. You can view more results by clicking the "View Results Now" button, but this requires a membership.

Log on to Facebook and enter the person's e-mail address into the "Search" box at the top of the page and click "Search." If the person who owns the email address has a Facebook profile, it will be displayed.