Ideas for decorating a kindergarten classroom

Updated March 23, 2017

Get creative when tossing around ideas for decorating a kindergarten classroom. You can still use the typical seasonal notice board themes, but expand upon them and add personalised sections to the classroom. Use educational centres to enhance a theme or incorporate activities which relate to what the students are learning in class. Attempt to refrain from using all store bought materials and allow students to help create the decorations for the room.

Personalised Notice Board

You can enlist the aid of parents to help create an "It's All About Me" notice board. Choose a student of the week to help with the notice board. The kindergarten student will likely be thrilled to not only help arrange items, but to share information about their lives. Divide the board into sections with headers and allow students to add photos, drawings and messages to each section. Possible headers could include family, pets, hobbies, favourite colour and favourite foods.

Morning Meeting

Students will enjoy being helpers at the "Morning Meeting" notice board. You can incorporate math, science, social studies and reading all on one colourful and fun-filled display. You can use whatever seasonal border and background colour you would like and then attach a few closed-sided folders and cups to the board. Start each class day by working through the interactive activities with the class. Possible display features could include a coin cup for counting, a colour and sorting cup, cardboard clock face, thermometer and calender. By attaching some wipe-off writing strips below each activity the classroom helpers can write down the answers to each task.

Trash Gallery

Teach students about recycling with a "Trash Gallery" in the classroom. Each week a student can bring in a household item which would otherwise go into the trash bin. Make an eco-friendly art project out of the item by brainstorming for repurposing or "upcycling" ideas for the item. Students can use standard craft supplies to add another piece of trash to treasure art to their classroom gallery.

Classroom Mural

Designate an empty wall as mural space and change it as the class learns about new topics or the seasons change. You can attach butcher paper to the wall with tape and use an overhead projector to draw the outline of the mural on the paper with markers. Allow the students to colour or paint the mural a little bit each day or weekly. If you place a table in front of the mural the students can use the area to display projects relating to the mural. When the class is learning about plants, let the students decorate old aluminium cans and plant seeds in front of a mural about nature, or make snow globes inside of small jars during winter.

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