Types of prismatic gems in world of warcraft

Written by karen adams
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Types of prismatic gems in world of warcraft
In World of Warcraft, prismatic gems increase stats for any coloured socket on your gear. (variety of gems image by OMKAR A.V from Fotolia.com)

In World of Warcraft, prismatic gems provide extra stats and bonuses for armour and weapons. Socketing a gem produces a higher stat for your talent spec character. Prismatic gems are the most flexible gems in World of Warcraft because they match any socket, meta, red, yellow or blue. Gems come in common, rare or epic forms, as denoted by the colour of their names, green (common), blue (rare) or purple (epic). Adding stats to your character's equipment is easy with a prismatic gem, and they provide extra points in whichever slot you need to improve.


There are two prismatic gems that were introduced in the "Burning Crusade" patch 2.0.1. These are Outland gems; the first is a Void Sphere, which adds 4 points to all resistances and comes with an item level of 70. This gem is also epic, which means that in the game its name shows purple. To make a Void Sphere, level 350 enchanting is required as well as two void crystals. The Prismatic Sphere is a blue or rare gem which adds 3 points to all resistances. Blizzard also introduced this gem in the Burning Crusade patch. To make a Prismatic Sphere, level 325 enchanting is required in addition to 4 large prismatic shards.


There are a variety of prismatic gems that became available with the introduction of "Wrath of the Lich King." Starting with green or common gems, there is an Enchanted Pearl, which adds 4 to all stats, and requires a Northsea Pearl and infinite dust as well as a Jewelcrafting level of 350 to create. The blue or rare prismatic gem from Wrath includes an Enchanted Tear, which is an item level 80 jewel and adds 5 to all stats. To make an Enchanted Tear, a jewelcrafter needs 390 skill level as well as 1 Siren's Tear and 4 infinite dust. The purple or epic prismatic gem from "Wrath" is Nightmare Tear. With an item level of 80, the Nightmare Tear adds 10 points to all stats. To create a Nightmare Tear, a jewelcrafter needs a skill level of 450 in addition to 1 Dragon's Eye and 5 infinite dusts.


There are no prismatic socketed gems yet for "Cataclysm." However, a Chimera's Eye is a prismatic gem necessary to make epic socketed gems to match red, yellow or blue sockets. To buy these gems, you need to visit Isabel Jones in Stormwind City for Alliance or Marith Lazuria of Orgrimmar for Horde. They cost 1 Jewelcrafter token and have a buy-out price of 410 gold and 95 silver. To use Chimera's Eye, you need a jewelcrafting skill of 500, which allows you to make all the varieties of Chimera's eye, such as bold, brilliant, delicate, flashing, fractured, mystic, precise, quick, rigid, smooth, solid, sparkling, storm and subtle.

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