Stronghold 2 1.4.1 PC Trainer Cheats

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"Stronghold 2" is a castle simulation game developed by 2K Games and FireFly Studios for the PC. In "Stronghold 2," players take full command of a castle and must control their kingdom by feeding peasants, building protection such as walls and towers, and raise and develop an army to conquer other castles. For those looking to get ahead in "Stronghold 2," there are a number of cheats, tips and trainers.


A trainer is a computer program that works simultaneously with a computer game to alter and change the game's original code, enabling certain cheats. The trainer will only work if the program is running simultaneously with the game.

Mega Trainer 1.4.1

Mega Trainer 1.4.1 can be found and downloaded online at a number of different web sites. Once downloaded, start the Mega Trainer program and begin playing "Stronghold 2." If done correctly, the trainer will unlock £0.6 million in gold, 100 per cent happiness rating, increase population slots by 100 and add 100 honour points. You'll also receive apples, nuts, cheese, meat, wood, stone, iron, wheat, flour, hops, ale, grapes, pitch, candles, wool and fabric.

Unlimited Men In Towers

In "Stronghold 2," towers can be manned with available men to increase protection of the player's castle, but there is a limit to the number of men that can fit in one tower. Get unlimited men in the towers by first pausing the game, then begin directing small groups of available men into the tower. An unlimited amount of men can be directed into the towers.

Quick Honor

To increase rank in "Stronghold 2," you must accumulate a certain amount of honour. The quickest way to accumulate honour points is by using the feasts. Occasionally, feasts will be held at the castle. Once a feast begins, a button will appear that says, “Return to Keep.” Click it. This will end the feast and you'll receive full honour for the feast.

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