How to Play "Civilization IV" on GameRanger

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Learning to play "Civilization IV" on Game Ranger gives you the ability to play the game in multiplayer mode with another player online.

"Civilization IV" is part of the "Civilization" series, developed by Sid Meier, whereby the player creates their own civilisation, choosing a governmental structure and handling the building of military units and buildings. Game Ranger is a service which allows players from across the world to start multiplayer games with each other. Games are started by a host, and then other players join the game through the Game Ranger lobby.

Open Game Ranger. Look to the top of the screen for the menu options listed there. Click on "Edit," then scroll down to "Options," which is located at the bottom of the pop-up menu. This will bring up the "Options" screen, which is used to install the game into Game Ranger.

Scroll down the list on the left side of the screen until you find "Civilization IV." Highlight it and then look in the bottom, right corner of the window for the "Browse" button, located inside the "Location" box. Click "Browse."

Search through your computer's files for the application file for "Civilization IV." Find this by looking in "Program Files," then "Firaxis Games" and "Sid Meier's Civilization 4." The "Civilization 4" application file will be found in this folder. Highlight it and then click on "Open" in the bottom, right corner of the window.

Close the "Options" window. Decide whether you wish to host your own game or join a game that has already been created. The games hosted by another person will be listed in the large window in the top portion of the Game Ranger screen. Look to the right of the game name for a green spot. This indicates that the game is currently playing. Some playing games will not allow you to join late.

Search through the list for a game you wish to join if you don't want to host one yourself. Avoid games with a padlock symbol next to the name of the game, because this indicates the game is password-protected. Highlight a game you wish to join and then click on the "Join" button, located to the top right of the Game Ranger screen. You will then be taken to the specific game room. The Host will start the game when the desired number of players is present.

Click on "Host" to start your own game. Look to the left of the "Join" button to find the "Host" button. A window will appear, in which you can modify your game. Use the drop down menu beside "Max Players" to set the maximum number of players you wish to join the game. Enter a description of your game in the "Description" field and then click "OK" when you are finished. When enough players have joined your game, click the "Start" button to start the game.