How to Play Crazy Frog on My Phone

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Recreate the hit single from Crazy Frog, "Popcorn," using only your cell phone keypad. You do not have to be a musician to play this viral hit to your friends and family. Simply turn your phone to the xylophone setting on your keypad and play the numbers as you would notes on a piano. Crazy Frog enjoys worldwide chart success since the first single that launched the fad, "Axel F."

Access the keypad preferences of your cell phone. Typically, you simply press the "menu" button followed by "settings." Press "keypad" and select the option for "xylophone." When you play the keyboard, notes will come out of the numbers as opposed to the stock dialling tone. This will still work with the stock dialling tone, but it sounds much better with the xylophone keypad.

Press these numbers in sequential order to the beat of the song: 989646298964629_009_*89969.

Listen to the actual recording of the Crazy Frog song to play each note in rhythm.

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