How to Play Multipalyer Combat Wings in Battle of Britain

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Working out how to play a multiplayer game in "Combat Wings: Battle of Britain" can be confusing. "Combat Wings: Battle of Britain" is a historical flight simulator where you must defend Britain from a German invasion, complete with dogfights and 3D graphics. Learning how to start a multiplayer game can add an entire new dimension to the gameplay. In multiplayer mode, you can choose whether to play as the Germans or the British, and you can play to a set time limit or a set kill limit.

Bring up the "Main Menu." This comes up automatically after the introduction video. This is where you select all the game modes and can edit any options. Connect to the Internet or set up your LAN network is set up, depending on which way you wish to play multiplayer mode.

Select "Multiplayer" from the menu. This brings up the options for multiplayer mode. Select either "LAN" or "Internet" from the sub-menu. "LAN" mode means that you will be playing over a local area network, such as your home or work network of computers. "Internet" mode allows you to play over your Internet connection with players from all over the world.

Find out the IP address of the person you wish to play the game against. Alternatively, use a remote server's IP address, which you both connect to player your multiplayer game. Remote gaming servers, such as Peer1, Hypernia, and BFG, will provide you with the relevant IP address (see Resources), or you can ask your prospective opponent for their IP to set the game up manually. You can find your IP address easily online (see Resources); type your desired server's IP address into the website field when prompted.

Select your desired plane on the "Select Airplane" screen. Choices include the Supermarine Spitfire MK.I and the Messerschmitt BF-109E. The choice in plane determines whether you play as the Germans or the British.

Select your desired map on the "Select Terrain" screen. Sometimes, during multiplayer play, some objects that are part of the terrain may not display properly. If this happens, download the patch available on City-Interactive's website (see Resources).

Select "Deathmatch" or "Team Deathmatch" mode. Deathmatch essentially is a free-for-all battle, and team deathmatch gives you the opportunity to team up with other players and battle the enemy as a unit.

Set either a time limit or "frag" limit. You can set a limit of up to 20 minutes or 20 frags. A frag is when you shoot down an enemy plane (cause it to fragment), and is essentially another way of saying "kill." In multiplayer mode, you can play a game with up to 10 players.

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