Medium & short hairstyles with bangs for women

Updated February 21, 2017

Adding fringe can give variety and spice to a woman's short or medium hairstyle. Bangs, or fringe as they are sometimes called, are versatile pieces of hair that frame part or all of the front of your face. Opt for short or medium-length hair with fringe for a stylish and easy-to-maintain look. Learn what different styles are available to decide what will work best for your features.

Sleek Bob

The sleek bob has long been a popular hairstyle among women looking for a simple cut that is professional and easily kept. A traditional sleek bob is one in which the hair is straight, full and tapered at the neck. Bangs with this look are generally sculpted just above the eyebrows. You can try an inverted bob in which the hair is much shorter in the back than in the front with side swept fringe for an updated style to the basic bob.


The pixie hairstyle is a short one in which the hair appears wispy and light. This fun cut can thins out fuller hair and focuses the volume on the top of the head. It is a style particularly suited to the summer months. The fringe need to be wispy as well to suit this cut. Add gentle spikes or jagged edges to update the usual pixie style. The pixie cut is especially flattering for those with heart-shaped faces.


Short and medium hair cut with layers can add fullness to thin hair. According to Hairstyles Talk, the addition of fringe to a layered cut provides extra depth to the hairstyle. Layered looks can employ any types of fringe including blunt, choppy, side-swept, parted longer fringe and asymmetrical fringe. One drawback to a layered style is you must wait for the different lengths to grow out if you want to switch to a longer sleeker style later.


Short blunt fringe go well with wavy medium haircuts. The fringe with these styles are generally full and straight and can be worn long or short. The fringe should not be too dramatic, as the wavy fuller hair should be the highlight of this style. This look is generally soft and very feminine. Wavy hairstyles are romantic and inviting.


Curly short and medium length hair is fun and exciting. Curly fringe adds even more of a playful spirit to this type of haircut. You can get the look with a perm, a hot iron or old-fashioned hair rollers. The curls can be full or tight depending on your preference. Curl the fringe to the side for a sexy fresh look to a classic curly style.

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