Special gifts for 18 year old girls

Updated February 21, 2017

Some gifts for an 18-year-old young lady should be avoided like the plague. The young woman is entering adulthood and chances are good she knows exactly what she wants. She is leaving behind her dolls and toys and is excited about moving forward into adulthood. Gift cards and cash are usually appreciated, but purchased gifts are more personal.


The 18th birthday is an important rite of passage for a young lady. She deserves a momentous gift. Splurge on her and get her an electronic device such as an MP3 player, laptop, updated cell phone, accessories for a cell phone, electronic personal assistant or a memory stick for her computer.


Most young women love the bling. Earrings, necklaces or bracelets are pieces of jewellery young ladies like. Diamonds or cubic zirconium are tried-and-true. Gemstones stand out, especially her birthstone. Another consideration is solid gold or silver jewellery such as a simple 18-inch chain necklace or a bangle bracelet. This might be a good time to get her a charm bracelet. Charms to denote her hobbies and milestones are good future gift ideas.


Social activities are an important part of any teenager's life. Most teenagers love music and concerts or plays. She would most likely love to go to a concert of her favourite band or artist or perhaps a play in a nearby city with a friend, so buy her two tickets. To make it an extra special night out, rent a limo to drive her to and from the event.


Has she shown interest in starting a new hobby? Perhaps she always wanted to learn to play guitar. Purchase her a guitar and lessons. If she's an art buff, buy her a set of watercolour paints, oil paints or coloured pastels. Perhaps buy her an art class at a local art studio to get her started. Does she show an interest in jewellery? Buy her a kit with chains, charms and gems to fuel her creative side, avoiding any kits that are geared toward a child.

Clothing and Accessories

Most young women love new clothes. As you're shopping, keep her style in mind. This birthday is the year to get her a designer outfit. Consider what her future plans might be. She might be needing a nice suit for a college or job interview. Maybe she lives in a warm climate and is planning to go to college in a cold climate -- she will need a new winter coat. If you purchase a handbag or purse, think back to what she usually carries. Some young ladies carry large hobo bags, and some like small purses. A designer bag would make her 18th birthday special and will last for many years.

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