What colours go with light pink?

Updated February 21, 2017

The best way to choose matching colours is to refer to a colour wheel. Classic colour theory helps artists and home decorators create pleasing blends of colour by selecting colours that are adjacent or opposite each other on the colour wheel. Pink is a variation of red, so colours that work well with reds generally go nicely with pinks as well. Look at home textile and quilting fabrics to get an idea of what professional designers do with pink, and make notes of the colour trends and combinations that appeal to you.

Pale neutrals

Designer Rachel Ashwell spawned an entire industry of shabby chic interiors when she paired light pink with pale neutrals. According to Ashwell, you can create the shabby chic look with watered down hues of pink, blue and brown mixed with shades of white an ivory. Pair light pink with washed out florals, plaids and pale patterns to emulate the shabby chic look.

Tonal shades

Tonal shades share the same basic colour, but are darker or lighter versions of the hue. Pale pink will go well with any dark red-based colour. One of the reasons light pink and chocolate brown go so well together is that brown is a blend of red, which is a tonal shade, and green, which is a complementary shade to pink. Look for red-based tones such as aubergine and maroon for a striking combination, or choose softer tonal versions such as fuchsia, hot pink and lavender.

Complementary colour

Choose a complementary colour to go with light pink. Complementary colours are directly across from one another on a colour wheel -- green is the complement to red and pink. Pair pale lime with light pink for a sweet summer scheme, or go bold with a deep pine and cameo pink pairing.

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