Gift ideas for a 15-year-old boy

Updated July 11, 2018

Finding a present for a 15-year-old boy may prove challenging, as his tastes and moods may alter frequently. As a result, you should always research his favourite current hobbies and incorporate such themes into your gift. Remember, a young teenage boy may possess a wide array of interests, including anything from music to sports.

Outdoor Activities

While some 15-year-old boys may spend their days glued to their couches playing video games, many still enjoy engaging in sports and outdoor activities. For those kids, your gift may consist of an afternoon playing paintball or go-kart racing at a nearby facility. You may also include a visit to local batting cages, a driving range or a miniature golf course. For the extreme adventurer, provide the recipient with a trip to a skateboard park, complete with a new skateboard, a helmet and knee pads.

MP3 Accessories

Many 15-year-old boys own MP3 players. As a result, your gift may consist of an assortment of MP3 accessories. For instance, you may include an MP3 player armband, ideal for jogging, workouts at the gym or walking to school. You may also include a hard or soft shell case for the player, perhaps one featuring the logo of the recipient's favourite professional or college sports team. MP3 speakers, especially those outfitted with alarm clocks, may fit the decor and needs of a teenage boy's room.

Guitars & Related Gear

Some young teenage boys may start developing their own garage bands, or at least a heavy interest in music, beginning around age 15. Those boys may appreciate either an electric or an acoustic guitar, depending on their personal preference. As an added bonus, your gift may also include a collection of accessories such as personalised guitar picks, straps, a tripod guitar stand and a hanger to mount the guitar on the wall of the boy's bedroom, basement or garage. You may provide sheet music as well, highlighting the recipient's favourite artists or style of music.

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