Gifts for a New Car Owner

Updated February 21, 2017

A new car purchase can put a buyer in the fast lane to happiness. Celebrate the occasion with a ready-for-the-road gift that'll really put you on the map. Whether the new wheels is a small two-wheel budget-friendly ride or a massive kids'-team-transportation device, offer a present that will get the driver's' motors revved up.

The Smell of Success

Jumping into a new car is a breath of fresh air--or at least "new car smell" air. The American Chemical Society reports that new car smell may even be seductive or addictive to some people. Unfortunately, after a few weeks of toting around gym clothes, driving with the windows open or shuttling takeout food carriers back and forth, new car smell may give over to something less pleasant. For a successful gift, give the new car owner the ability to keep that new car smell going long after it has faded away. Dangling air freshener trees, sprays and disks offer a take on "new car smell" that may bring back (although temporarily) the distinct leathery, brand-new scent.

Steer in the Right Direction

New car purchasers usually get to select from a large variety of options for their vehicles, including radios, emergency systems and alarms, but the steering wheel is usually not up for debate. While you can't purchase a different steering wheel as a gift, a steering wheel cover is an ideal way to customise the driving experience. Steering wheel covers are both functional (they protect hands from a wheel that's been sitting in the searing sun or icy cold) and decorative. Choose from steering wheel covers with racing fire flames, cute cartoon characters or patterned designs. Covers also come in almost every type of material, from fleece to cotton to faux fur to leather.

Keyed Up

A new car owner isn't going to get too far without the key to the vehicle, but may need a little help remembering not to lock the key inside or leave it behind. Help out with a gift of a keychain. While keychains are one of the most commonly found items (just about every store sells a type of keychain), it's the idea of personalising the keychain to the gift recipient that's really the ticket. Find out the new driver's interests, such as sports teams, celebrities or comic book characters. Seek out a speciality keychain (try plastic figures, glow-in-the-dark or light-up, squishable or options with sound) to stand apart from the traditional flat choices.

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