Decorating ideas using black & white for a living room

Updated November 21, 2016

Choosing a black and white decorating scheme for your living room will add elegance, simplicity and sophistication to the room. Black and white decor can complement many different styles, from modern to cottage. If you want, add a few pops of colour to the room along with the black and white, such as a yellow vase or a red lamp.


Bring your black and white design to your floor as well as your other furnishings. If you have a hardwood floor that is in bad condition, consider painting it glossy white with a black trim. Maybe your hardwood floors are in good condition. In that case, choose a large area rug with a geometric black and white design. If you aren't going for such a modern look, choose a black and white rug with a floral or toile pattern. When you want to completely redo the floors, consider choosing black and white tiles and creating a pattern on the floors.


Painting all of your walls stark black can make a living room look smaller and much darker than it is, so consider painting one wall black as an accent for the room. Paint the remainder of the walls stark white with white trim. You could also paint the walls with black and white stripes or choose wallpaper with a black and white pattern.


There are many different ways you could go with the furniture in a black and white living room. For someone who prefers a modern look, choose couches and chairs in either pure white or black. When you are designing a more traditional living room, consider going with furniture in a black and white pattern, such as checks, stripes, polka dots or toile. Go with black furniture in other areas of the room, such as a coffee table and end tables. But don't be afraid to leave a natural wood or metal piece of furniture in the room with all of the black and white to create a bit of balance in the room.


Once the base of your black and white living room is finished, you need to finish the look with some details. For example, choose window treatments in a colour that contrasts with the walls.If you painted your walls white, choose curtains that are completely black, or a black and white design that is predominantly black. Black and white photographs will look great hanging on your walls or sitting in frames on your tables. Vases and other items in grey will make your black and white room appear a bit less stark.

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