Pillow People Costume Ideas

Pillow People were popular pillow shaped toys of the 1980s which came in a variety of themes. Most pillow people costumes begin with a simple pillow case and can be decorated in many different themes for boys and girls, children and adults. This is a simple craft project which can be thrown together for your next costume party, even if you find out you need a costume at the last minute.

Sporty Pillow People

Create a pillow person costume in your favourite sports gear. For this costume, start with either a plain white pillowcase or one in your team colours. On the top half of the pillowcase, draw a face with fabric paint or use appliqu├ęs or iron-on transfers. For a football pillow person costume, add the black paint streaks football players wear on game day. Cut a slit in the top of the pillowcase for the costume wearer's head and side slits for the arms. Put a sports jersey on the pillow person costume so that the neck of the jersey is around the wearer's waist, just beneath the face of the costume. Add fake arms to the jersey's arm holes. Underneath the pillowcase, the costumed person can wear football or baseball trousers or soccer shorts with long tube socks and cleats to complete the costume.

Spider Pillow Person

Cut arm and neck slits in a black pillowcase and add large, googly eyes to the top half just below the neck slit. The costume wearer's own arms, covered in long, black gloves will function as one set of legs, while his own legs, covered in long black socks will function as a second set. Create the additional four legs required for your spider costume by stuffing four long, black tube socks and sewing them to the sides of the pillowcase.

Sexy Girl Pillow

Choose a large, hot pink or bright red pillowcase to create your pillow person. Turn the pillow case inside out and sew the closed end of the pillowcase in the shape of the top of a heart, leaving openings for the head and arms. Turn the pillowcase right side out and decorate with painted or stitched eyes with sexy long lashes and a pouty red mouth. The wearer of the costume should then wear a pair of fishnet stockings and stiletto heels, as well as long, sexy white gloves and a floppy hat to hide the human head above the costume as much as possible. If needed, wear shoulder pads to fill in the top humps of the heart and sew the pillowcase so it tapers to the legs.

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