How to Make the Masks From "The Strangers"

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"The Strangers" is a 2008 horror movie staring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman. In the movie, a young couple is terrorised by a group of three strangers, each of whom is wearing a mask.

Two of the strangers are female and are wearing doll-like masks, while the male stranger wears a mask made of what looks like a burlap-sack. Making the masks from "The Strangers" is easy.

Turn the onion bag inside out and remove any excess dirt or onion skins. This will ensure that the part of the mask touching your face is clean, and that the stitching from the inside of the bag is on the outside of the mask like in the movie.

Cut eyeholes out of the burlap onion bag with scissors. The eyeholes don't have to be perfect or exact, because in the movie they are not. Cut the eyeholes out of the onion bag so they are just large enough for you to see safely.

Paint a smile on the mask using a thick paintbrush and black non-toxic fabric paint. Allow the fabric paint to dry for as long as it says to on the bottle as all fabric paints are different.

Paint different faces on each of the ceramic masks using non-toxic acrylic paint. In the movie "The Strangers," one mask is done in a doll style with rosy pink cheeks, red lipstick and no eyebrows. The other mask is painted like a pin-up doll, with slightly pink cheeks, dark red lipstick, eyelashes and thin and delicate eyebrows. This mask also has painted on, black hair. You can use the movie's doll masks as an example to follow when painting your own or be creative and design different ones. In order to complete the doll mask like in the movie, you will need pink and red paint. For the pin-up mask, you'll need deep red, pink, black and light brown paint.