How to make a piranha fish costume

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Showcase your creativity and become the centre of attention at any party with this piranha fish costume. Instead of dressing as a piranha fish, which is a rather generic fish costume with sharp teeth added, dress up as a school of piranha fish in a feeding frenzy. The amount of money you are willing to spend on the costume will dictate how large your school of piranha is but even a small school of piranha can be deadly and hilarious.

Choose your clothing based on the weather and what you have on hand. An old swimsuit works well if it is warm while a wetsuit is better in cold weather. You may not want to damage a wetsuit to make this costume though, so look for Lycra trousers and tops such as bicycle clothing to mimic the wetsuit look.

Tear the clothes in several spots to replicate piranha attacks but be careful not to rip in any areas that might cause you to be uncomfortably exposed while wearing the costume. Use a razor blade to carefully start the tear as Lycra is difficult to rip.

Apply fake blood to the ripped areas to stain the clothing. Homemade fake blood is often made from corn syrup and usually will not stick well to Lycra so use the store-bought variety or a little red paint.

Pin several toy piranha to the costume near the ripped areas. Insert a large safety pin through the piranha's lip or mouth area and the pin it directly to the wetsuit, swimming costume or bicycle clothing.

Splatter extra fake blood on your exposed skin and the costume once you are dressed to give it a more realistic effect.

Accessorise with a diving mask, snorkel and flippers to complete your costume.

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