Suggestions for glass alternatives for patio table replacement

Many homeowners opt for glass tables for their patio or yard because they sport a sleek, modern look. Maintaining a glass patio table, however, can be difficult because they are prone to chipping, cracking or shattering and often require replacing. As a result, many homeowners chose to find an alternative to glass for their patio table. Fortunately, many options are available that fit a range of design preferences and budgets, and most are more durable than glass.


A wood table may be a good option if you would like to give your patio a more natural feel. The tables are available in a variety of woods, including teak, pine, cypress and cedar. Teak is often preferred for a patio table because it is resistant to weather and highly durable. In addition, unlike other table materials, wood does not absorb heat or cold, so it remains comfortable to the touch under most weather conditions. However, it is prone to fading over time, so it is a good idea to treat your wood patio table with a UV-filtering top coat or paint. Wood patio tables are easy to clean, however. They may be washed with soapy water and rubbed with oil to help them retain their original colour.


For a more formal look, choose a metal patio table, which is an ideal option for locations that are prone to high winds because they are heavier and less likely to be blown around. You may purchase a patio table in a variety of metals, including steel and wrought iron. Metal tables are also highly durable and available in a wide array of designs. Like wood patio tables, they may be cleaned with soapy water. You should also treat your metal table with a protective finish to prevent rusting. Painted wrought iron tables should be touched up as soon as the coating begins to crack or chip to prevent rust as well.


Plastic patio tables may be a good alternative to glass, particularly if you are on a budget. They are durable but lightweight, so they are easily rearranged and may often be stacked for convenient storage. Many plastic patio tables are made from recycled materials, which makes them an ideal option if you have environmental concerns. In addition, plastic tables may be rinsed with soap and water for easy cleaning. They may mildew in damp climates, however, so use cleansers that help prevent mildew.


A wicker or rattan table may be a better fit for your decor if your home has a country feel to it. Wicker is lightweight, so it is easy to move and store. It is also available in a wide range of colours, which makes it easy to customise for your yard. Like plastic, it can mildew in wet climates, so it should be washed with a cleanser that discourages mildew growth. In addition, wicker tables require occasional dusting to maintain their appearance.

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