How to Dismantle a Snooker Table

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Snooker's origins date back to approximately 1875. The game developed from a variety of billiard games. Snooker is almost exclusively an English sport. Snooker tables come in many shapes and sizes. Full-size pool, billiard and snooker tables are usually constructed by professionals with many years' training and experience. Full-size snooker tables need to be aligned and balanced so the balls run perfectly straight. Snooker tables are also difficult to disassemble. However, it is possible to dismantle a table with the correct tools and hard work.

Put on the protective equipment before starting. Use the pliers to take out the staples that attach the pockets to the table. Remove the pockets by using the Allen key.

Take off the rails by using the wrench to remove rail bolts. Newer tables have the rail bolts attached to the underside of the table. The rail bolts might be on the sides of older tables. Slide off the rails along the grooves or simply lift up the rails to remove. The method depends on how the table was assembled.

Remove the cloth. The green cloth will either be glued or stapled to the table. If the cloth is glued to the table, a flat-headed screwdriver or a razor will remove it. Occasionally the cloth is stapled to the table. Use the pliers to remove the staples, and lift off the cloth.

Using the spanner, unscrew the bolts that hold the slates to the frame of the table. Many tables are constructed using three slates that are screwed together. Remove all bolts and screws from the three slates, then remove the slates by sliding the slabs away from the frame, prior to lifting them. Remove the slates at either end of the table first, the centre slate last. Table slates are heavy to lift. Two people should lift the slabs. Never store slabs face down and don't place them on top of each other. This could also damage the slabs. Place the slates carefully on their sides, and support the slabs by leaning them against an unmovable object.

Turn the table upside-down. Use the spanner to take off the leg bolts. Undo the rest of the bolts that hold the frame together. Remove the various pieces of the frame.

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