How to Secure a Glass Table Top

glass table, chairs image by Pavel Losevsky from

Glass topped tables are beautiful but can be inconvenient and unsafe if the tops are not properly secured. Many tables feature wooden or metal frames where the weight of the glass is sufficient to hold the glass in place. However, when the top is simply placed over an attractive base, it is likely to slip.

Fortunately if you are inspired to make a glass top table or if you are having problems with one that you already own, stick-on polyurethane bumpers will solve your problem.

Remove the glass table top from the base. Clean the top of the base where it will touch the glass and allow to dry. Plan where you will place the bumpers. If the table top sits on three or four legs, place a bumper on top of each one. In more ambiguous situations, you will need to evenly place bumpers on the base. The bumpers will show through the glass, so it is best to measure carefully and use the minimum that will stabilise and secure the table top.

Peel a bumper from the protective backing and press it in place. Repeat until you have installed the number of bumpers that you need.

Replace the glass table top on the base and ensure that it is properly aligned.