How to Clean Pine Tables

Thomas Northcut/Lifesize/Getty Images

Pine -- a naturally soft wood -- is commonly used to make furniture, and particularly, tables. A pine table adds charm and beauty to any room of the home. Whether you have a pine dining-room table, pine end tables in your living room or pine night stands in your bedroom, they get dirty and require cleaning.

Clean your pine tables properly to ensure they remain beautiful for many years to come.

Dampen a soft cloth with water. Wring until it is just slightly moist.

Wipe down the pine table with the damp cloth. Avoid applying too much moisture to the table, as this can cause stains and warping.

Rinse the cloth and add two drops mild dish soap. Scrub any stains or hard-to-clean spots on the table. Dampen a fresh soft cloth, and then wipe the table with the cloth to rinse.

Dry the table promptly with a fresh soft cloth.