How to remove shattered patio door glass

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Recently, manufacturers of patio and sliding glass doors started using tempered glass in their products. Since tempered glass is twice as strong as ordinary glass, patio doors are not broken as easily as they once were. However, patio glass doors are not invincible, and can shatter in high winds or if they are struck with a hard object. Before you can replace the glass in your patio doors, you must first remove all of the shattered glass.

Put on gloves and shoes to prevent cuts.

Spread out several pages of newspaper. Slide a putty knife along the groove that held the glass to remove any glass that's still stuck in the door's frame. Place the glass on the newspaper.

Pick up larger pieces of glass and place them on the newspaper. For hard floors or cement, sweep up as much of the glass as possible and use a dust pan to scoop up the glass. Place the glass on the newspaper. For carpet, use a vacuum cleaner hose to suck up visible glass.

Place the newspaper and the glass carefully in a trash bag. Use a piece of bread to lift tiny shards of glass from the floor and cement. This method works on both hard floors and carpet. You may need to use more than one piece of bread to remove all of the shards of glass. Place the pieces of bread in the garbage bag.

Vacuum or sweep the area one final time to ensure you haven't left any glass behind.

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