How to care for an outdoor marble table top

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Recognised for their assorted colours, stability and exceptional longevity, marble table tops can add elegance and aesthetic appeal to patio areas and gardens. Although marble table tops are extremely durable, they require proper care to protect them from outdoor elements. Airborne dirt and dust particles can scratch marble surfaces, while acid in bird droppings will dull marble over time. Regularly cleaning and maintaining marble table tops preserves their natural colours and allows them to endure many years of use.

Mix three drops of neutral pH cleaner with 1 litre (1 quart) of warm water in a clean container.

Fill another clean container with plain warm water.

Moisten a microfibre cloth in the solution. Wipe the moistened rag over the marble table top to remove food particles, organic debris and grime. As you clean, rinse the rag in the container of warm water to avoid reapplying abrasive debris to the table top.

Rinse the table top with fresh warm water using a clean microfibre cloth.

Wipe the table top with a clean terry cloth towel to remove all moisture from the marble.

Apply a coat of impregnating stone sealer to the surface every two years to prevent water-based and oil-based stains from permeating the porous marble surface. Follow the sealer manufacturer's directions for proper application techniques.

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