Alternative frequencies for sky TV channels

Updated March 18, 2017

It may be that you are trying to watch Sky channels from outside the UK, or perhaps one of your channels is simply getting a bad reception and you want to tap into a new signal. Whatever the reason, there are alternative frequencies available for Sky TV that will boost a poor, or even lost, signal.

Channel 5

To receive a stronger reception for Channel 5, press the "Services" button on your Sky remote. Press "4" to choose System Setup, then "4" again to enter the Add Channels screen. Use the up arrow button to navigate to "Frequency." Enter the frequency "12421" using your remote. Push the down button to land on the "Polarization" option. Press the right arrow until an "H" appears. Go down, using your remote, until you highlight "Find Channels," then push "Select. Wait for this to find the new channels. Go down until you highlight "7505," then press the yellow button and a tick will appear next to the number 7505. Push "Select" and then the "Sky" button. In order to view this frequency you must first press the "Service" button, followed by the "6" button, then highlight "7505" and then push "Select."

Sky Channel 963

To receive a strong signal on Sky Channel 963, start by pushing the "Services" button. Press "4" to select the System Setup option, followed by "4." Now you are on the Add Channels page. Press the up arrow button to highlight "Frequency." Enter "10758" using your remote's number buttons. Push the down button and then push the right arrow until you land on "V." Under Symbol Rate, enter "22000" and under FEC, enter "5/6." Navigate down three options using your Sky remote to land on "Find Channels." Press "Select," and the system will search for channels. Select the channel you desire and then press the yellow button. Press "Backup" on your handset until you have exited services.

Channel 4

Improve your signal quality on Channel 4 by pressing "Services" on your Sky remote, followed by "4" and then "4" again. Use the arrow buttons on your handset to move up to the "Frequency" option. Enter the frequency "12480" using the numbers on your remote. Go down to "Polarization." Press the right arrow until you see the letter "V." Enter "27500" in the Symbol Rate box and "2/3" in the FEC box. Navigate downwards to the "Find Channels" option and press "Select." When the new channels are loaded, go to the channel you want and press the yellow button on your handset to store the channel. Press "Backup" until you have left the Services menu.

BBC Sports Interactive

To improve the reception of the BBC Sports Interactive channel, use your remote to press "Services," then "4" and then another "4." Move up with your arrow buttons and highlight "Frequency." Enter the frequency "12441," then press the down button once. Press the right arrow button until a "V" emerges and then enter "27500" for the Symbol Rate. Press down until you land on "Find Channels," then press the "Select" button. When it has found the new channels, find the channel you want, then push the yellow button, which will save the channel. Press "Select," then the "Sky" button to exit.

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