How to convert Nectar to air miles

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If you are not familiar with the Nectar points program and you live in the United Kingdom, it is time to join the fun. Nectar is like a frequent flyer mileage program on steroids. Points can be accrued via a wide variety of common necessary purchases such as fuel, groceries or clothing. This means that with little effort, you'll qualify for freebies. One way that Nectar rewards program participants choose to redeem points is for flights, which helps minimise the expense of a holiday.

Visit the Nectar redemption website. See the Resources section below for a link.

Search for your itinerary. Note that "More Flights for This Airline" may show up below the itinerary--clicking this will reveal more options for flight times and airlines.

Select your preferred itinerary. If you don't have sufficient Nectar points, you can either be more flexible with your itinerary or opt to pay for part of the fare. To do this, click on "Not Enough Points" and review the options.

Log in with your 11-digit Nectar card number and password. If you have not previously activated your card online, do so now, then log in. If you do not wish to activate your card, see the Tips section below.

Finalise your options and complete your purchase. Points cannot be applied toward surcharges such as fees, insurance or cancellations. All bookings will necessitate some fee, as taxes apply to all purchases but are not covered by points. Additional fees must be paid when booking.

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