How can I test my fax machine?

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After buying and setting up a new fax machine, you will want confirmation that it is working correctly. You will want to know that the machine can send and receive faxes without any unforeseen problems. There are several ways that you can test the send and receive capability of your fax machine. You can use another fax machine connected in your home or office, send faxes to your family or friends or you can use online sources that allow you to test your fax machine for free. Choose one of these methods to make sure your fax machine is working properly.

Send a fax to another fax machine in your vicinity. If you have another fax machine hooked up to a different fax number than the one that you are testing, you can send a fax to that machine to make sure that the new fax machine's sending function is working properly. Send a fax to the new machine from the other machine to make sure you can receive faxes.

Ask a friend or family member to send you a fax to the new machine. This will allow you to make sure you are receiving faxes. Send a fax to your friend and call to verify that they received it.

Send a text to free faxing web service, such as Fax Toy (see Resources). You send the fax to their toll-free number and then go to their website and make sure that it has transmitted correctly. It only takes a minute for your fax to show up on the site once it was sent. Use other free fax services, like FaxZero (see Resources), to send a test fax to your fax machine.

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