How to use sopcast

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Sopcast is a software program that allows users to stream television programming for free. Many fans will use Sopcast to watch live pay per view events, such as pro wrestling or mixed martial arts broadcasts.

You can also use Sopcast to watch something that is on broadcast TV while you're watching another channel on actual TV. Downloading and installing the program only takes a minute or two and using it is easy.

Begin by downloading and installing Sopcast. You can find the program on the Sopcast website at

Open the Sopcast program after the installation has completed. You will be taken to the login screen. Simply click the circle next to "Login as anonymous" and then click the "Login" tab at the bottom to open the program. You can create an account if you wish, but it is not necessary.

Choose the "Live Channels" tab. This will produce a list of all of the programs currently streaming on Sopcast. Unlike other players of the sort, Sopcast only separates the channels into lists on this one tab. Therefore, you will have to scroll through the programs until you find a station that interests you.

Click on a channel of your choice. This will open the video screen. Click the play button on the bottom of your video screen and the channel should begin buffering. An advertisement may play before the station loads (depending on the station you have chosen).

Find links to different events being shown on Sopcast. Many websites will offer links to pay per view and other events available on Sopcast. Once you come across one of those links, right-click on the link and select "Copy Shortcut." Open Sopcast and paste the link in the text box next to "Address," found at the top of the player.