How to schedule BBC iPlayer downloads

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BBC iPlayer is an application that allows you to download and stream programmes from the British Broadcasting Corporation to your computer or mobile device. A selection of television and radio broadcasts is available for download on the BBC’s iPlayer site. In order to schedule a programme for download, you first need to install the iPlayer desktop application on your computer and add the programme to your list of “favourites.” The iPlayer application will automatically download future episodes of favourite programmes, which you then need to watch within thirty days of the download.


Go to the BBC’s iPlayer site to download and install the iPlayer application:

Click on the “Install BBC iPlayer Desktop” button and follow the prompts to install the software.

Launch the iPlayer application by double-clicking its icon on your operating system’s desktop.

Locate your desired programme and click on its name to access the download page.

Click on the “star” icon on the programme’s page to add it to your list of favourites. The star will turn pink to indicate that it has been added. All current and future episodes of the programme will be automatically downloaded, provided you are connected to the Internet at the programme’s scheduled run times. You will need to watch the programme within thirty days of the download date.

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