Types of Mini Kegs

Updated July 20, 2017

First appearing on supermarket and off-licence shelves in 2005, mini kegs provide beer with the much sought after "fresh from the tap" taste to discerning consumers. Five litres of beer is housed in a canister designed to look like a traditional keg and the beer is dispensed through an included pressurised tap system.


A popular pale lager, Heineken was the first beer available in a mini keg. Weighing in at 5.44 Kilogram and measuring 11 inches tall with a circumference of about 22 inches, the Heineken DraughtKeg is constructed from recyclable stainless steel and is designed to fit comfortably in your refrigerator. It provides 20 eight-ounce glasses of beer and stays fresh for up to 30 days, much longer than traditionally designed kegs. It takes 10 hours of refrigeration to prepare Heineken's mini keg for drinking, as the temperature must reach 4.44 degrees Celsius. Once the beer has been properly cooled, you only need to connect the included tap and spout to the mini keg to begin serving beer.

Coors Light

For those who prefer a lighter beer, Coors Light is also produced in a mini keg that is designed to capture "that occasion when you just got back from work and want to reward yourself," according to a Coors executive. Called the Coors Light Home Draft, this mini keg offers 5,678ml of beer in a refrigerator friendly package, meaning that one mini keg provides 12 pints of beer. The Home Draft also stays fresh for 30 days if properly stored and includes a carbon dioxide cartridge to dispense the beer.

Newcastle Brown Ale

Made by the same manufacturer as Heineken and imported directly from England, Newcastle Brown Ale is also produced in a pressurised and recyclable steel mini keg. Designed to make the famous English brown ale taste just like it's being poured straight from the tap in a British pub, the Newcastle DraughtKeg also comes with its own tap and stays fresh for 30 days in your refrigerator. Newcastle's mini keg holds 1.33 gallons of beer, which means that just over eight Imperial pints--the British standard of 591ml of beer--can be poured from the DraughtKeg.

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