How to use a Polaris fishing float

Courtesy of Polaris Floats

Polaris produce a range of sliding floats. One of the advantages they have over other floats is that they slide up the reel line until they find the right depth. This means that you can cast into different depths without having to apply stoppers or adjust your rig.

Polaris use a special "Frixon" system that allows the float to find its depth without stoppers. Once you have cast your Polaris rig, the baited hook sinks to the bottom directly beneath the float. Bait in a feeder will hopefully attract fish to the area and the float will "waggle" when hit.

Thread your reel line through one of the two holes at the top of the Frixon device and out through the corresponding hole at the bottom. The smaller holes are for lines with a breaking strength of between 3lb to 6lb (1.36kg to 2.7kg). The larger holes are for lines up 20lb (9.1kg).

Thread the reel line through a link swivel. Thread the line through an inch-long section of silicone tube, then tie a swivel to the end of the line. Clip a feeder to the link swivel to complete your rig.

Cast the rig as normal. Keep the reel line slack until the bomb or feeder hits the bottom. The Polaris float will bob to the surface. Slowly tighten the line and the tension will lock the float in place. Keep the end of the rod pointed towards the float and watch for sudden movement that indicates a bite.