How to Make a Gas Scooter Quieter

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Gas scooters are a fun and fuel-efficient way to get around town. Gas scooters operate with the same basic mechanical components as cars and motorcycles. Consequently, as with motorcycles, gas scooters can be loud. You can quiet a scooter by adding exhaust packing material to the muffler.

Making your gas scooter quieter requires a muffler repacking kit and some time.

Remove the rivets holding your scooter's muffler end cap in place. You will need to use the speciality tool that allows you to drill out rivets, which is included in the repack kit.

Remove the inner core of your scooter's muffler carefully and remove the old packing material from the outside of the core.

Clean the inside of your scooter's muffler case, removing any excess packing material that might have fallen off of the inner core.

Wrap the inner core with new exhaust packing material. The wrapping must be tight enough to remain in place, but not so tight that it prevents exhaust fumes from expanding the packing slightly. Secure the exhaust packing material with duct tape or similar heat-activated or heat resistant tape.

Reinsert the newly packed inner core back into the muffler case.

Insert the new snap rivets into the old holes. You should either use the rivets provided in the repack kit or rivets from a hardware or auto parts store.