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What Is Hozelock Compatible?

Updated March 23, 2017

British gardening equipment manufacturer, Hozelock, distributes their products globally. Since Hozelock is a well-known brand, some of their competitors manufacturer equipment that can be used with, or in place of, Hozelock gardening supplies.

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Hozelock was founded on an airfield in Haddenham, UK in 1959. The head office is located in Birmingham, UK (as of 2010). Over 75 per cent of Hozelock's equipment is still made in Britain.


Hozelock got its name from its first product, the Hoze-Lock. It was the world's first plastic hose connector. The Hozelock hose connector is still sold, available in plastic and metal versions.


Hozelock sells a variety of gardening supplies, including watering supplies, garden pressure sprayers, high-pressure cleaners and pond supplies. Competitors sell similar and compatible garden supplies at lower prices.

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