Daniel and the Lions Den Snack Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

The Bible story of Daniel and the lion's den captivates many children as they hear the tale of a man thrown to the dangerous beasts and protected through the night by an angel. Whether you're using this story as a theme for Vacation Bible School or teaching it in your Sunday School class, add an edible element in the form of snacks with a Daniel and the lion's den theme.

Pineapple Lion

For a healthy snack option, create lions using pineapple, shredded cheese and raisins. When combined in the right way, these can form the shape of a lion's head. Use pineapple rings for the head of the lion. Arrange the shredded cheese around the circle to form the mane. Use the raisins for the eyes, nose and mouth. An alternative to the cheese is to use shredded carrots. This kid-friendly snack can be placed on individual paper plates for a fun treat.


If you have a large group of kids to feed, make cupcakes. Each cupcake can be decorated to look like either Daniel, an angel or a lion. Any type of cupcake flavour works as long as you have coloured icing. To make the lion, cover with yellow icing. Cut orange or yellow gum drops in half and arrange around the circle to form the lion's main. Use shoestring liquorice for the whiskers and chocolate chips for the eyes. To make Daniel, use peach coloured frosting to cover the cupcake. Add hair with either candy or icing. The angel is made the same way except for adding the halo with frosting or yellow gum drops.


For a light lion-themed snack, use round crackers, spray cheese and raisins or chocolate chips. Spray a ring of the cheese around each cracker for the mane and use the chocolate chips or raisins for the eyes and mouth. You can also make Daniel by using the cheese for his hair.

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