Simple Craft Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

Get into the holiday spirit by making homemade gifts as Christmas presents. When giving a homemade gift you show the recipient he is worth your time, something far more valuable than money. If you aren't a crafting aficionado, there are simple craft projects suitable for the craft novice. These are projects that children and adults can enjoy. Make Christmas crafting a family holiday tradition.


For those on your Christmas gift list who enjoy wearing costume jewellery, give them designer bracelets, made especially for them by you. Make brightly coloured bangle bracelets by covering empty cardboard masking tape rolls with coloured tissue paper. Tear the tissue paper into small pieces. Dip each piece in liquid starch before applying to the cardboard roll. Completely cover the empty roll, inside and out. If you don't have liquid starch, paint the cardboard with watered-down white glue, apply tissue paper, and paint over the tissue paper with another layer of glue. Give the bracelets a three-dimensional look by dipping strands of yarn into glue mixture and artfully affixing to the bracelet.

Clothespin Ornaments

Create Christmas ornaments from wooden peg clothespin, to give as gifts. Peg clothespins come in varying styles, with some topped with round wooden balls and others with flattened sides. Once the wooden peg clothespin was a familiar household item sold alongside washing powder and clotheslines. Today craft stores sell wooden craft clothespins. For a flat-sided clothespin, piece two together, by turning them in opposing directions and gluing the flat back of one clothespin's top to the flat front of the other clothespin's top, to make a reindeer ornament. Paint the tips of the bottom clothespin for the hooves, and the top pegs for the antlers. Paint the red top of the antler portion as the reindeer's nose and glue on goggle eyes. Instead of a reindeer, take one clothespin to make a doll by using the pegs as the doll's legs, the round clothespin top as the doll's head, and a pipe cleaner as the doll's arms. Drill a hole below the doll's head, to insert the pipe cleaner for the arms, and fashion clothes from pieces of fabric, attached with glue. Use markers to draw the doll's face, and embroidery thread for the hair.

Pencil Container

Recycle an empty soup can to make an attractive pencil box. Make this gift for an adult or child. Select a can without sharp edges, and cover its exterior by gluing on a rectangular strip of fabric. Measure the can's height and circumference, and use that measurement for the dimensions of the rectangular strip of fabric. Decorate the covered can by gluing on lace, beads, buttons or other ornaments.

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